How to setup PPTP on Mac OSx


1. Open System Preferences 
2. Open Network
3. Click on Create a new Service
4. Select an interface, VPN type and enter a name for the service and click Create
Interface: VPN
Service Name: pptp (or other name to help you identify the connection)
5. You new VPN connection should now appear in the left column. Select it and enter the following settings:
Server address: hostname or IP address of the VPN Node you want to connect to, such as (choose from our status page)
Account name: your VPN username
Encryption: Maximum (128 bit only)
Check Show VPN status in menu bar
6. Click Advanced and make sure you check Send all traffic over VPN connection and click OK. Otherwise you will connect to the VPN but you won’t exit through our VPN Node.
7. Now click Apply and Connect. You will be asked to insert your password
8. Once connected, you will see the connection status
9. To disconnect, click on VPN connection status in Menu Bar and click Disconnect pptp

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