How To Setup Cisco Anyconnet for Android

  1. Download Cisco AnyConnect from the Play Store and Install it.
  2. Run the app.
  3. Click on Connection.Cisco Any Connect - CyberSilent VPN
  4. Click on “Add New Vpn Connection…” and edit all fields:
    Description: CyberSilent VPN
    Server Address: Any supported server (Cisco VPN) from our list
    Click “Done”
    Cisco Any Connect settings- CyberSilent VPNCisco Any Connect setup- CyberSilent VPN
  5. Now Click on “Any Connect VPN” to turn on the VPN , and enter your username
    Cisco Any Connect username - CyberSilent VPN
  6. Enter the passwordCisco Any Connect Password- CyberSilent VPN
  7. On this screen click on Change Settings
    Cisco Any Connect safe- CyberSilent VPN
  8. Untick “Block Untrusted Servers” and back.
    Cisco Any Connect setting untrusted- CyberSilent VPN
  9. Now Click again on “AnyConnect VPN” and wait that that VPN will be Connected.Cisco Any Connect - CyberSilent VPN
  10. Verify on Whatismyip your new IPCisco Any Connect Whatismyip- CyberSilent VPN

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