The Hidden Dangers of using a public Wi-Fi

The Hidden Dangers of using a public Wi-Fi

Risk of using a public Wi-Fi

The recent increase of free public Wi-Fi has been an enormous boom for working professionals. These days, public Wi-Fi are accessible almost everywhere; you are provided with the freedom to use free Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, restaurants and bookstores. These could be a lifeline for most of the masses, especially the working professionals.

Millions of people using public Wi-Fi do not realize that their personal information is at risk of being stolen. As an internet user, knowing the risk involved in using public Wi-Fi and taking the necessary precautions can help you protect your privacy.

What are risks involved in using a public Wi-Fi?

The problem with public Wi-Fi is the number of risks associated with it. While business owners may think they are providing a valuable service to their customers, the non-security existence should be a major concerned to users. The primary hazard of public Wi-Fi is the lack of privacy as the information you’re transferring between your computer, and the server you’re accessing is available to everybody on the network.

Below is the common risk to worry about when using a public Wi-Fi

Malware Distribution

Thanks to software vulnerabilities, attackers can slip malware onto your device with ease. Malware gives an attacker access to everything on your device; they have access to any information they desire and can steal information ranging from files and photos.

Wi-Fi sniffing

Wi-Fi sniffing involves monitoring network traffic. Attackers can record huge swathes of data and use special software kits to uncover useful details. They can also use this equipment to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi signals. These allow the attackers to access everything you are doing online ranging from the web pages you visited and being able to capture your login details and even hijack your accounts, in the worst situation theft identity.

Man in the Middle Attacks

One of the most common threats to public Wi-Fi networks is the Man in the Middle attack. It is a form of eavesdropping where the attackers organize their network to stand between your computer and the server thereby transferring all your information to their in the middle Public Wifi

How to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi

public wifi without VPNThe best way to secure your information while using a free Wi-Fi is through the use the of virtual private network (VPN) service. CyberSilent is the best VPN service to protect your privacy.

CyberSilent VPN encrypts traffic between your device and the VPN server, which makes it difficult for an attacker to sniff your data. It also takes your privacy very seriously and never stores the metadata about VPN session and how you used our service. Other services include unlimited download limits, no buffering ability as it is optimized to provide incredible speed and best of all; it is affordable. Start Now to protect yourself with the 24h FREE trial


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