Terms and Condition


These are the terms of services that you accept to by enrolled and utilizing the services of CyberSilent VPN property of Aleksandra Dambska with legal address at Ul. Okrzei 5/5,  51-676, Wroclaw, Polan; Phone number +48 732923773 It is just under these conditions that CyberSilent VPN allows user to utilize its services.

CyberSilent VPN is not an services to be utilized for criminal acts. It is an Internet security and protection service. You acknowledge not to damage any law of any purview that you are beginning from. It is the client duty to know and understand all significant laws identified with any purview or setting that worries you and your activities.

CyberSilent VPN won’t be obligated in any capacity or shape for activities done by its clients including a criminal risk and a common risk for mischief executed or not executed past any cash paid to CyberSilent VPN for its servicess by a concret individual.

You acceot to protect your username/password  and CyberSilent VPN system from unapproved use. You are in charge of each and every activity that happens on CyberSilent VPN where your username/password was utilized for setting up the VPN connection.

You accept not to utilize our services for port scanning, sending spam, filtering for open transfers or open intermediaries, sending spontaneous email or any form or sort of email sent in unfathomable amounts regardless of the possibility that the email is in conclusion sent off through another server. It is forbidden to dispatch any pop-ups from our services. You agree not to attack at any way  other system or PC while utilizing our servicess.

CyberSilent VPN is intolerant about the exploitation of kids photographically, digitally or in whatever other way.

Reasonable And Reasonable Use

You acknowledge not to give or share your username and secret key to others.

CyberSilent VPN, its proprietors, representatives, specialists and others that are included with CyberSilent VPN servicess are not in any way subject for any damage of any kind executed or not executed, coming about or emerging through or from the utilization of any record enrolled with CyberSilent VPN servicess.

CyberSilent VPN guarantees a 99.9% server up-time. In any occasion CyberSilent VPN will never be at risk for any money related damage past what the customer paid to CyberSilent VPN and this might exclude lawyer expenses or court costs regardless of any laws or statues that might be dealt with something else. This is our required assention when you acknowledge these terms of services.

Restricted Activities

Criminal Activity – any customer who perpetrates any of these criminal activities: utilization of stolen Mastercards, Mastercard misrepresentation, PayPal extortion, bank misrepresentation, e-gold misrepresentation, Paysera extortion, WebMoney misrepresentation, Bitcoin extortion, mail misrepresentation, coercion, shakedown, capturing, assault, kill, offer of stolen charge cards, offer of stolen merchandise, sending email or working sites to perform data fraud, hacking, pharming, phishing, spamming of any shape on, in or through our services utilizing our assets leaves with an ended record.

This is the entire understanding. CyberSilent VPN may revise the terms of services every once in a while. The terms of services get to be distinctly official from the time it is refreshed at our site. It is obligation of the customer to check for the new Terms of Service now and again.

CyberSilent VPN can end any client represent abusing terms of services quickly without discount and see or suspend the record until elucidation, examination or the client remark. In the event that your record has been suspended you should reach us with a specific end goal to check whether the case can be amended. We should hold up a substantiated timeframe before we close a client account for all time and close down all charging.


Logging Policy

CyberSilent VPN does not monitor, store or record logs for any VPN client. We don’t store store time stamps, utilized data transmission, activity logs, IP addresses.

We don’t get related in any type of control, give away your own data to any outsider. We don’t satisfy any data ask for unless it accompanies a court request of capable locale. We are and will dependably secure your protection.


Privacy Policy

CyberSilent VPN does not keep or store any logs about its clients. Be that as it may, we have to keep some data about the clients:

Client email – to send the most recent CyberSilent VPN news and to recover a lost password.

Username – it is important to make a VPN conenction.

Payment info– we store billing data in the event of a refund ask.

More info about Privacy Policy here.


Billing Information

Your services will consequently be recharged toward the finish of each services period, rehashing the length of the past services time frame, unless you wipe out.

– Cookies – we may acquire data about your general web utilization by utilizing a treat record which is put away on your program. Treats are utilized by Teso net, J. Jasinskio g. 16C, LT-03163, Vilnius and our advertising accomplices, offshoots, or examination in breaking down patterns, managing the site, following clients developments around the site and to assemble statistic data about our client base all in all. No data is put away or gathered that could uncover your own character. For more data about treats, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie.
More info about Cookies here.


Refund Policy

If you wish to claim a refund, you can do it within 7 days  after your buy CyberSilent VPN services. We need you to be completely happy with our servicess. Be that as it may, we will investigate an issue you encounter first. There are a few subtleties to a VPN benefit arrangement and we fathom 99% of issues experienced. CyberSilent VPN maintains all authority to suspend, end, or deny assistance to anybody whenever for any reason. No refund will be considered for records erased for infringement of our Terms of Service.



You have a privilege to cancel your account when you want by reaching us. On the off chance that the account gets crossed out the cash you have spend on the VPN record won’t be imbursed. Your account must be active in oreder to cancel. CyberSilent is selling for third company,and don’t have any logs or other.

Acceptance Of Terms

By signing into any CyberSilent VPN  service, you accept  the CyberSilent VPN Terms of Service including all other policies incorporated by reference.

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