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CyberSilent VPN Server Locations
196 Server in 52 Countries

The success of a VPN service, hinges on the VPN servers and the locations.  At CyberSilent, we take pride in the fact that we have an impressive number of VPN servers at locations spread across nations. The number of servers and the widespread locations offer our subscribers great flexibility in choosing and switching between servers for better services and choice

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Spread over 52 countries with more than 196 VPN servers operating at high speeds our clients and subscribers are a happy lot seamlessly availing services and switching between server locations at will. At CyberSilent the emphasis has always been on offering services that are superior and flexible for clients. The unlimited switching choice that we offer our subscribers is backed by our strong network of servers in different continents. We choose locations with care and ensure that the infrastructure has the necessary support services for seamless operation.

The services we introduce for the benefit of subscribers has always been backed by a firm commitment. Our commitment stems from our confidence in the services and the infrastructure we have put in place across locations.  The VPN servers in different locations have offered reliable and uninterrupted support to our network.

Fast VPN Servers

While many service providers offer VPN services many do not have sufficient servers spread across different locations. At Cyber silent, not only do we possess the infrastructure to offer fast services through servers in multiple locations, we actually offer our subscribers the option of unlimited switching of server locations.

The benefit of having a large number of VPN servers spread across many locations offers greater anonymity to our subscribers while offering them the safety of looking at instant switching over in times of need or unavoidable calamities.

At CyberSilent our server locations support all protocols making it easy for all our clients to make use of the services without having to grapple with compatibility issues. At CyberSilent, our ethos our vision and mission has always been to offer only the best of services of our subscribers and the number of locations and the infrastructure are an indication of the kind of services we offer our clients.

1New Jersey S145.76.0.65
2Florida S2155.94.216.114
3Georgia S1107.191.103.12
4New York S2896.9.244.175
5New York S1996.9.244.219
6New York S2996.9.244.179
7Illinois S1181.215.96.176
8Illinois S19167.88.8.12
9Georgia S2107.191.102.216
10California S1104.200.131.62
11France S794.177.234.146
12Canada S1159.203.19.73
13Nehterlands S131.220.43.206
14Germany S1185.139.3.247
16United Kingdom S4185.58.226.90
17United Kingdom S194.177.249.58
18France S189.40.113.108
19Italy S1212.237.19.59
20Illinois S21167.88.8.138
23Illinois S28167.88.8.184
24United Kingdom S289.40.121.24
25California S2104.200.131.234
26Italy S6188.213.161.98
28New York S2696.9.244.243
29Czech Republic S185.255.9.33
30United Kingdom S389.36.223.51
31California S3191.101.10.206
32Missouri S1208.110.85.163
33Georgia S3107.191.102.181
34Singapore S145.32.115.152
35California S4104.200.131.243
37Sweden S1176.126.84.215
38Georgia S4107.191.101.105
39California S5191.101.230.135
40New York S2596.9.244.237
41Hong Kong S143.245.223.44
42Australia S1103.73.65.209
43Czech Republic S9194.182.66.117
44California S6104.200.131.244
45California S21173.232.80.210
46Illinois S30167.88.8.186
47South Africa S1154.127.60.200
48Poland S180.211.246.187
50United Kingdom S589.36.223.246
51Nehterlands S231.220.43.32
52Russia S177.73.66.18
53Maryland S196.9.244.230
55Swiss S1141.255.162.208
56Germany S2185.137.94.35
57California S7191.101.226.177
58New York S2181.215.111.234
59New York S2496.9.244.236
60France S889.38.148.132
61France S294.177.232.63
62New York S1896.9.244.211
64New York S396.9.244.245
65Indiana S196.9.244.229
66Taiwan S143.245.223.248
67Illinois S20167.88.8.128
69California S8191.101.233.254
70California S9191.101.236.140
71Illinois S2191.101.155.112
72California S10104.200.131.61
73New York S2296.9.244.232
74New York S3096.9.244.150
76New York S496.9.244.33
77Czech Republic S11194.182.71.106
78New York S2196.9.244.231
79Missouri S2208.110.85.171
80Nehterlands S9195.123.218.201
81Germany S4185.137.94.138
82Czech Republic S1294.177.253.222
83New York S2396.9.244.235
84Illinois S3191.101.152.177
85Illinois S29167.88.8.185
86Illinois S4191.101.152.126
87Lithuania S1109.235.64.226
88Australia S2103.73.64.159
90Russia S277.73.66.184
91California S20104.200.131.212
92Illinois S26167.88.8.114
93Singapore S245.32.117.66
94New York S2796.9.244.244
95California S11104.200.131.211
96France S394.177.233.13
97United Kingdom S6185.43.210.149
98Nehterlands S331.220.44.178
100Sweden S231.220.7.81
101Czech Republic S1080.211.213.66
102Brazil S1191.96.4.197
103New York S2096.9.244.221
104Texas S3206.217.142.100
105Georgia S6107.191.102.74
106Hong Kong S243.245.223.251
107Italy S1080.211.4.93
108North Carolina S196.9.244.23
109Germany S3185.139.0.111
110New York S596.9.244.204
111New York S696.9.244.212
112New York S796.9.244.213
113New York S896.9.244.214
114New York S996.9.244.210
115Germany S5217.61.4.27
116Illinois S5181.215.99.182
117California S12107.181.167.100
118Florida S1155.94.216.110
119Italy S294.177.163.36
120Italy S394.177.164.168
121Czech Republic S285.255.9.116
122France S489.38.150.153
123United Kingdom S789.36.221.174
124United Kingdom S889.36.222.118
125Germany S6217.61.2.226
126Lithuania S2212.24.110.17
127France S589.36.215.182
128Italy S880.211.3.15
129California S13104.200.131.216
130Italy S980.211.162.141
131Australia S3103.73.65.231
132Nehterlands S431.220.43.17
133Hong Kong S343.245.220.23
134Italy S477.81.230.14
135Nehterlands S531.220.45.119
136Sweden S331.220.7.218
137Illinois S6181.215.111.188
138South Africa S2154.127.59.137
139Czech Republic S6194.182.69.107
140Czech Republic S780.211.223.152
141Czech Republic S8194.182.64.185
142Illinois S24167.88.8.107
143Australia S4103.73.64.71
144Nehterlands S631.220.43.62
145Germany S794.177.246.76
146Italy S593.186.255.177
147France S689.40.112.40
148Czech Republic S385.255.9.17
149Czech Republic S485.255.9.37
150Italy S8212.237.15.100
151Illinois S22167.88.8.14
152Illinois S7191.101.158.231
153Illinois S8191.101.156.59
154Illinois S9181.215.100.234
155Illinois S10181.215.111.199
156Illinois S11191.101.155.210
157California S14107.181.167.105
158California S15107.181.167.106
159California S16107.181.167.107
160California S17107.181.167.108
161Illinois S12191.101.6.139
162Illinois S13181.215.96.152
163Illinois S14191.101.159.205
164Illinois S15181.214.60.152
165Illinois S16191.101.3.96
166New York S1096.9.244.35
167Illinois S17181.215.104.170
168Texas S2206.217.142.76
169Missouri S3208.110.85.176
170Georgia S5107.191.101.112
171Missouri S4208.110.85.178
172Swiss S2141.255.162.229
173New York S1196.9.244.34
174Poland S280.211.255.21
175United Kingdom S9217.61.22.227
176United Kingdom S10217.61.22.29
177United Kingdom S1194.177.250.33
178United Kingdom S1294.177.253.222
179Illinois S18181.215.130.134
180New York S1496.9.244.217
181New York S1296.9.244.215
182New York S1396.9.244.216
183New York S1596.9.244.218
184New York S1696.9.244.220
185Spain S1188.241.60.12
186Nehterlands S731.220.44.34
187Lithuania S379.98.24.243
188California S18104.200.131.175
189California S19104.200.131.188
190Russia S394.242.59.31
191Nehterlands S8153.92.127.152
192Illinois S27167.88.8.122
193New York S1796.9.244.208
194Czech Republic S585.255.0.107
195Illinois S23167.88.8.12
196Illinois S25167.88.8.175
197Czech Republic S1380.211.195.137
198Bulgaria S1195.123.225.123
199New York S196.9.244.201
200Italy S1180.211.95.13
201Germany S8217.61.5.182

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