Revolutionary Internet Privacy Bill Passed by U.S Government Trump

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Revolutionary Internet Privacy Bill Passed by U.S Government Trump

VPN is an essential tool for your gadgets (Smartphone’s, tablets or PC’s) when you are traveling abroad and accesses local country public network to connect with the internet.

Recently, the President of United States ‘Donald J. Trump’ has passed a law by which parliament a plan to permit ISP’s to sell your confidential information just for the sake of profit.

Donal Trump vpnIn short, internet titans like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and others have full authority to steal your private data by any mean and allows sharing with anyone. For your information, this particular legislation was revoked by the former president of the United States ’Barack H. Obama’ because it is against the broadband privacy rules. The Democratic Party doesn’t support the decision took by Donald J Trump because information’s of internet user are at stake. In this scenario, use of reliable VPN service while using local public networks helps to secure your secret information.

How does Trump pass newly internet privacy bill impact on you?

According to this bill, Internet service providers have full rights to collect your private and confidential information by default and allows to share information of their customer’s to anyone just for making the profit. Furthermore, your financial details, confidential information, browsing history & other crucial details are at risk.

In the era of President Obama, the Democratic Party restricts ISP’s for keeping their customer’s information.

President Donald J Trump has no value for American citizen rights because he has full support for internet service providers. Your private information will be a piece of cake for the online marketing agencies which growing rapidly. Currently, Google & Facebook are kings of the online marketing world. Usually, your private data helps to advertise products precisely.

Now, keep in mind you have no control over your data because ISP’s collecting your information by default and earning handsome revenue by selling to online marketing agencies, financial companies & other sources.

What Kind of Information ISP’s looking for?

ISP’s are desperately willing to decipher but not limited to customer’s security number, location, communication, financial or health details and most importantly their browsing history. Their family information especially related to children’s is alarming; said by analysts.

Decoding your information by ISP’s is really the biggest threat because we don’t know how they will use our information.

How to Protect Your Data from ISP’s

Next possible question comes in mind, how to protect our data from spying agencies?

The only answer is, use VPN!

After signing ISP’s rights by Donald J. Trump, the demand of VPN has increased up to 200% because numerous people are considering this option.

How VPN protects your data

Virtual Private Network or VPN directs internet traffic through encrypted channel by which all the user online information scrambled due to this ISP’s unable to decode it. A VPN also helps to protect your identity because it hides your real IP address by assigning an alternate one, in that way no one can even track your position.

A lot of trustable VPN service providers are available in the market, never compromise over internet security especially when you are traveling to the United States of America because stealing customer private information is not a crime anymore.

Bottom Line

Whatever the reason behind signing this legislation by Donald J. Trump repealing internet privacy rules, you should have use VPN, especially while accessing through local public networks. Several service providers are available in the market from where you can buy premium VPN service to make your connection safe and secure.

For information, several ISP’s in the United States are against this law and still they assure customers by sending notification of secure confidential information. You have to use VPN service even though your connection is 100% safe because no one knows the fact.

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