Benefits of Using VPN Services on Android Phone

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Benefits of Using VPN Services on Android Phone

 The development of mobile devices and remote network access has widened the reach of the internet. On the one hand, this has improved connectivity—but on the other, it has led to security problems. Ensuring privacy when using public or shared networks is crucial to prevent data theft or hacking, invasion of privacy, and data or identity theft. VPN services can prevent nefarious elements from stealing precious personal information from Android users.

Android has grown to be the most demanded platform in mobile phones and devices. In the second quarter of 2009, Android phones only had a total of 2.8% share of the worldwide smartphone market. But by the fourth quarter of 2010, this percentage has grown to 33%, overtaking the competition and making Android the market leader in the smartphone arena. This also means that a large percentage of mobile users are exposed to the real and present threat of data theft online.

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN drastically reduces the risk of attackers hacking into or stealing your personal information by masking your device IP. It also encrypts the data transmitted over shared public networks to give potential hackers a hard time decrypting and possibly stealing your valuable personal information. This means that your sensitive personal details are protected whenever you access your social media accounts, when you access your financial data via online banking, or even when you pay for services electronically using your credit card.

VPNs offer added security protocols and a secure line of communication to circumvent attackers and safeguard your data. It also allows for a measure of anonymity while you are accessing the internet, shielding you from threats, including vulnerability from snooping or hacking. For your peace of mind, consider signing up for VPN services. It’s an excellent countermeasure against the many threats of the internet.


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